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Lydia, "Oh No...."

Steve, "What?????" Lydia, "My earring just fell into the toilet, can you get it for me..." = Steve with toilet hand / Lydia with toilet earring and an empty bottle of detol!

  • ***Disclaimer: this piece of our blog is written laughing about the whole thing****

This topped off the start of our Parisian experience. It all began a few hours earlier... Our plan had been to head to the hotel in Paris and drop off our luggage before heading to the city outskirts to return our car. However, upon following our GPS's instructions we ended up stuck up a narrow one way road with a truck to the side, a van behind, another truck in front tooting coming towards us and finally a even bigger truck reversing up the same narrow road, taking out a steel bollard; with no room for any of us to turn and no one speaking the same language. This was already after we had nearly taken out the kerb, been continually tooted at, and had many a scooter nearly miss us needless to say by this point the air in the car was a bit blue...

The clock was still ticking, so we ditched the idea of taking our luggage and headed to the car drop off point, taking the "scenic route", of course. We arrived with minutes to spare, receiving a not welcome reception from the company - "Did we not know they close at 5pm", it 4.55pm at this point. From here we walked luggage in hand about 2kms to the metro, waited in line to buy our tickets, only to have our credit card declined (no, its not maxed out - yet!), then having to take out cash and rejoin the line, before figuring out how to get to where we needed to be; we set alarm off trying squeezing our luggage through the 'over-sized gap' illegally because our ticket wouldn't work (we later learned our ticket wasn't actually valid for that zone - oops)

We finally arrived at our hotel with our luggage three hours after we originally tried to. Don't think our story ends there, we had hour to refresh before navigating the metro again, this time heading to the Eiffel Tower for dinner. Whilst getting ready the earring incident happened and then another metro incident, this time it was easy. Two trains (with tickets in the right zone); first train - success / second train - fail!!!!! After two stops the train stops, for no reason and doesn't continue (for another couple on the train - they had been back and forth 3 times on the same line, thinking the train was faulty), however, we had to change trains and continue.. running the whole time so we would make it to reservation. Once at the Tower there was confusion with our booking as the concierge had let another couple (thinking they were us - turns out they were booked for the 28/10 not 28/9), this was quickly rectified and we were upgraded- woo hoo!!!

Posted by SteveandLydia 08:24

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Now that's a travel blog!!
Bet you weren't laughing at the time though.
Hopefully you make it to the airport without too much drama - looking forward to hearing more adverntures when you get home xx

by lori.trigwell

OMG we laughed so hard! You are your grandma's granddaughter! Earrings being of paramount importance:) Oh my, naked in Paris! Blog so humorous! Love it...

by Lesley Keiron

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